OT: about snapd and servers

I know that’s surely OT but I’ve lost about 45 min. searching on askubuntu without any useful result, so, sorry for asking in here something not budgie-strictly-related …

I manage a servers cluster - Ubuntu server Jammy - on which I run shibboleth-idp, jetty and apache2, nothing else; recently I’ve noticed that on boot snapd takes a while to start. from a

snap list

I get

Name    Version        Rev    Tracking       Publisher   Notes
core20  20240227       2264   latest/stable  canonical✓  base
lxd     5.0.3-d921d2e  28373  5.0/stable/…   canonical✓  -
snapd   2.62           21465  latest/stable  canonical✓  snapd

I suppose (but I am not so sure) that core20 is related to snapd; I don’t use containers on those servers, so no need of lxd and finally no need of snapd itself.

Following these thoughts, I’m quite sure I can remove snapd and every crap it takes with him, but I’d prefere being sure about complete safety of purging snapd: something like 2500 users per day uses shibboleth and in case of crash, they’ll kill me (obviously, since servers run on VMWare, before purging anything I’ll proceed to machine cloning, anyway).


You are correct - there isn’t anything else that will be removed if you purge snapd - i.e. on 22.04 ubuntu server doesnt need snapd to function.

I wouldn’t blame snapd immediately - suggest follow this guidance and run systemd-analyse blame to see what is actually causing the delay - could be the same issue as described and therefore the resolution should apply.

I presume you have a preproduction as well as a production system - so I would run it on prepro first, test before running to the prod.

Thanks! I suppose I’ll leave everything as is: I don’t feel like VM cloning, testing, etc or running preprod VM! :joy: