Panel-as-a-dock : position & always above ( or don't reserve space )


it’s more aesthetic than a real issue but I feel two options are missing regarding panels when used in dock mode :
⋅ an « always above » mode for the dock - or « don’t reserve space » as said in xfce panels, meaning windows will display under while dock is still displayed above all.
⋅ ability to position the dock not only centered, with a 0~100% value where 0 is left or top and 100 right or bottom.

What’s the use ?

Get rid of large empty panels, while still being able to see needed applets ( indicators, system tray, date time, session actions or switch workspace… ) giving ( another ) way to save screen estate and lowering the need for things like pixel-saver and global-menu applets ( I do love them much but most app’s look to take another route regarding menus and windows actions, unfortunately ).

I guess am not alone : Feature Request: budgie-panel Always On Top, Do Not Reserve Space · Issue #2061 · solus-project/budgie-desktop · GitHub and I understand it’s an upstream design/topic but maybe are there here skilled people to help about it ?