Pin applications to bottom panel using icon task applet

How do you pin applications, the likes of Firefox, Gimp and others to the bottom panel using the icon task list applet?

With the applications open, I right the icon on the bottom panel, but there is no pin to panel option.

Thanks for any help with this.

Sounds like this issue

Are these Firefox and Gimp snap instead of regular legacy apt/deb packages ?

Here I can pin those app’s in the icon task list applet but I don’t use snap.

Maybe just creating launchers ( .desktop files ) in ~/local/share/applications could be enough.
Launch your app from there and you should be able to pin it.

If no « pin » option, then use xprop and WM_CLASS…

I wonder if

  • it’s specific to plank or icon tasks list ?
  • specific to non deb/apt app’s ?
  • the WM_CLASS… should rather be mentioned « inside » the .desktop file, at StartupWMClass= line ?

Sorry for the late reply.

It does seem to be only with snap/flatpak versions, I did try creating a launcher for firefox in ~/local/share/applications.

Pin to panel appeared, but it did nothing when I clicked it.

Thanks for the help anyway, I might just use non-snap/flatpak versions.

same here, I did the workaround of fossfreedom (post #2) but still no options by right clic on the firefox icon to pin it. Hope it will be fixed soon.

You have installed the snap version of Firefox. Install the repository version and all will work.

thx fossfreedom, but which firefox ppa do you recommend.
I looked for some but the results are very confusing.

sudo apt install firefox

No need to install from a PPA. Hope that helps.

ok, done. thank you.

…sadly another reason for not recommending snap…

@fossfreedom Has xprop been deprecated/removed in 18.10? I can’t seem to find it, at least in apt.

still in 18.10 - do check that you have the x11-utils package installed

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