Poll: Add Epiphany to the Browser Ballot?

Does anyone have any interest in having Epiphany in the browser ballot in the Welcome application? A snap package was just released, so it is now provided by a repo (a requirement for us).

@fossfreedom - If people are into this - any objections?

I will create an issue to track the work if we decide to do this.

No objections. Any browser added to the ballot must be well maintained and receive regular updates to resolve security issues after a ubuntu stable release

The packager in this case is jbicha - super active in the Ubuntu world.

I dont see any evidence of updates post release https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/epiphany-browser/+changelog - are you referring to a PPA?

Nope - a snap package.

See here for an indicator. :slight_smile:

ah - welcome will need to be extended to handle snaps. Would like help with that.

Can do! I’ll ping you. It’s likely a useful capability for welcome to have.