Power drain and overheating

I have been experiencing a power drain and overheating after locking my laptop. At least once I’ve opened my laptop (while it was plugged into the wall) and received a black screen that said the laptop was overheating. Just now I left my laptop unplugged and locked for about 16 hours. It was completely dead when I tried to resume it from sleep. I had to plug it in and the battery only showed 1%. This is a dual boot (Budgie/Windows 10) laptop and these issues do not occur when using Windows 10.

These are my laptop specs:

  • Asus Zenbook 15
  • Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.3
  • i7-8750H CPU
  • 1050Ti GPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • Nvidia 460 driver (I was using 470, but reverted it to see if that fixed the overheating issue).

Additional note: While charging my laptop, every few seconds the low battery prompt will pop up, then go away. It appears to be charging, then stopping, then charging again. This also doesn’t happen on Windows.

This is highly likely to be a kernel issue.

20.04.3 if newly installed comes with kernel 5.11 (I think).

What you could try is downgrading to the GA kernel which is v5.4 - the instructions are here in the Desktop section


If this doesnt work you need to report a bug to Canonical

ubuntu-bug linux

Thank you for the advice. I just checked my kernel and it’s 5.4. I’m going to try the reverse (upgrading the kernel) to see if that fixes it.