Need 3rd party driver for Huawai MateBook D14


i’m new to budgie and do not know if I have to install Budgie with 3rd party driver or not?
I recently installed 22.10 without additional drivers for 3rd party… and I have a strange issue that my battery drains very quick when my notebook is powered off.
May this be related to driver issues? I got a Ryzen 5 with vega graphic card.

if your laptop is really powered off then it can’t be an operating system issue - nothing is running.

What possibly could be happening though is that instead of powering off it could be going into a light suspension. That most probably would be a kernel issue.

First though I would double check that your matebook is fully up-to-date with its firmware.

File a bug report on launchpad after checking you are fully up-to-date

ubuntu-bug linux

How do I check for latest firmware in linux?

I come from windows and installed everything that is offered by huawei, so should all be up to date

/edit: Battery went down from 100% to 84% (while shutdown) in 16hrs. Checked BIOS for any USB charge or WOL options but everything is fine.