Problems still with login

I switched to linux mint after using Ubuntu budgie for 6 months last year, every now & then Ubuntu budgie would have an issue with the login failing causing me to wipe & reinstall my system. Well ktouch doesn’t work on mint so I switched back to Ubuntu budgie (this time 19.04) I was glad to see nemo instead of nautilus, so I use aptik to reinstall my programs then copy my backups with nemo, everything was fine for about 3 hours before I encountered yet again a failed login. At this point I’d rather just not use ktouch because I need a stable system so instead of reinstalling Ubuntu budgie I went back to mint. I would recommend Ubuntu budgie now more then ever but the buggy login is a serious issue I can no longer tolerate.

It’s very difficult to understand why you have a specific issue without a bit more diagnosis.

journalctl -ae --full

That should be used to examine the log to find out errors and warnings. That will inform where the issue is.

Hi Zachariah,

by any chance, did those 2 separate systems have any folder in common ?
Like /home/such_personal_folder ? Or any share for personal data ?

Or does your backup include configurations file from Mint or Budgie ?
Mixing conf files from 2 different systems might bring unpredictable issues.

That command won’t work because I had no access to the system, hence why I wiped it.

Ah well. Nothing we can do to help you further. We will close this then.

Edit: you still have access to your system via ctrl+alt+f4 ie. Switch to a tty