User login is not possible anymore

I have the problem that I suddenly can no longer log in. About the Cinnamon desktop no problem. I think it happened after the last update yesterday. There were many Budgie files processed.

The message:
“Unfortunately, a problem has occurred.
A problem has occurred which could not be fixed by the system…”.

What can I do?

Thanks and greetings!

So what did you install before this?

What version of Ubuntu Budgie are you using?

Have a look at Logs in the menu and scroll back to the lightdm login section. Look for warnings and errors shortly after login.

I can’t log in when Budgie Login is active. After about a minute the error message comes. Login with Cinnamon works without problems.

I have opened a terminal in parallel and saved the logfiles from lightdm. I can’t do anything with the ERROR message. Is that the reason?
Attached is a log file.

Ubuntu Budgie Version 22.04 - Latest updates
Thanks and greetings!

lightdm.log.txt (92,2 KB)

As previously asked - what were you doing before the crash? installing software? removing something?

the lightdm log shows a sigterm was received. There will be more information in the journal log

From a terminal

journalctl -ae --full > journallog.txt

Budgie ? Cinnamon ?

Are you launching those two desktop environments with the same user ?

If that’s the case, look no further… it’s always a failure to « stack » many DE under one and only one $USER.

Some DE share some common config’ files hidden in your $HOME - but what’s written good for one will be bad for the other.

Cinnamon and Budgie are both GTK and both contain various pieces ( or forks ) of Gnome components making them impossible to live together under the same $USER.
Same drawbacks with Mate or Unity.

Did you dedicate a specific $USER to each of your DE ?

Cinnamon and Budgie have been running side by side for years. Cinnamon is only meant as a “reserve”, like right now, for example.

I am in the process of restoring my image backup of the root partition. Right now there are >170 updates to do. I have left all budgie* updates!

The user login is now working again without any problems. I’ll save my image and get back to you…


Budgie login works again. Updates all up to date except for:


One of these packages is causing the trouble! If I update all of them, then the login is not possible!
It’s also strange that only my login doesn’t work. A new user or my wife’s user still works.

Does anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to uninstall Cinnamon because otherwise I won’t be able to access my data.

Thank you!

You will need to install them one at a time to see which one is the culprit. Let us know the version of the package that is causing issues

Cool, I figured it out!

The app budgie-weathershow-applet was the problem. It was also THE LAST app out of >170!
I read something about it somewhere in the logs, but I couldn’t do anything with it!

Uninstalled via terminal F1 and the login works again!

Thank you for your help and kind regards…

right - so well found.

However we should really now concentrate why the applet is crashing your session. It certainly shouldn’t.

Please reinstall the applet.

restart your panel

nohup budgie-panel --restart &

then add the applet to your panel.

What happens to your panel?
Any messages in your terminal?

any messages in your journal log?

journalctl -ae --full

What is your package version?

apt-cache policy budgie-weathershow-applet

The context ( presence of Cinnamon ) might interfere.

DPoi should create a new user and only use Budgie in that new session.

It could serve as a comparison place.

If you need some « reserve » then always have an other user-session available, almost intact, close to its defaults.

One user = one DE = one session.

If one of your « usual » session seems broken, you can use that available session.
You can access any data from any session, it’s just a matter of rights and permissions on a couple of folders. It’s very easy to share data between two ( or more ) users.

Regarding many DE’s under one and only one user, it’s just how they work to store their config’s/settings in your $HOME : sooner or later problems ( small or big ) will occur. Highly depending on the combination of DE in use. The more config’s files they share, bigger the mismatching risk.

no chance to install the application! Neither via APT nor via Budgie Extras!

When I want to add the weathershow app in the panel, the setting freezes. Then only a kill of the setting helps.

It’s strange that this error only occurred after the last update. I have not done more than ‘apt upgrade’…


poi@poiUbuntu:~$ apt-cache policy budgie-weathershow-applet
  Installiert:           1.4.0+202307221046~ubuntu22.04.1
  Installationskandidat: 1.4.0+202307221046~ubuntu22.04.1
 *** 1.4.0+202307221046~ubuntu22.04.1 500
        500 jammy/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     1.4.0-1ubuntu3 500
        500 jammy-updates/universe amd64 Packages
     1.4.0-1ubuntu2 500
        500 jammy/universe amd64 Packages

What is the list of budgie applets that you have installed and on your panel?

the following applets are installed and in use:

Global Menu
AppIndicator Applet
Visual Space
Status Indicator
User Indicator
Raven Trigger

These are all the ones I use…
Thanks and greetings!

You are using the daily PPA. That has changes that I’m guessing is conflicting with one of your other non-extras applets.

At a guess I think screenshot is a likely candidate - if you remove that from your panel, logout and login, weathershow could hopefully be then added to the panel without freezing.


I’ve tweaked the weathershow applet - the conflict should hopefully be removed now.

Please update as usual/logout/login and readd the applet.