Purple screen when login not fast enough

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed a budgie on my brand new huawei matebook pro X.
And i don’t anderstand why, when i’m on the login screen (or unlock after sleep), if i don’t login fast enough, the screen become purple (sometimes blue) and just freeze … after that i can’t do anything, i have to restart the computer to access back to the login screen …

Did anyone already saw this ?

Hi and welcome!

What graphics does your huawei use?

What model of prox X is it? the 2020 model?

What version of Ubuntu Budgie are you using? 20.04 LTS or 21.04 ?

Assuming you are using 20.04.2 LTS with the 2020 model … and I think you are using Intel graphics it is likely to be a kernel issue.

If you don’t mind trying stuff - replace your 20.04 image with 21.04 and try again.

20.04.3 is due this august will come with the 21.04 kernel.

Hi, thanks.

My huawei use a intel irisxe, it’s the 2021 model with an intel core i7.
I’m using the 21.04, i already red about kernel problem. This doesn’t changed anything …
My kernel version is the 5.13.1-051301-generic

Right - the intel irisxe is the key issue here

So for 20.04 Canonical has produced a specific OEM kernel to support those graphics.

5.13 is not in 21.04 - so you must be using a mainline kernel. This is probably missing the relevant irisxe stuff since Canonical do take stuff from the staging tree (the bit of the kernel that is not in the mainline) for their kernels.

So I would first try the OEM kernel for 20.04.

I’m sorry i’m not very aware of all this kind of kernel manipulation. What should i do ?
Execute this command ?

apt install linux-oem-20.04 && sudo reboot 0

And do i need to replace the version 20.04 by the 21.04 ?

Stupid question : my keyboard is a bit laggy two, do you think that might be related to the graphics drivers ?

The other way around - replace 21.04 with 20.04.2 and then install the oem kernel.

You keyboard issues are likely to be kernel related.

The key issue here is that your machine is brand new with the latest components. Those components have not made their way into the latest kernel and other packages. As a rule of thumb, it can take between - lets say - 6 to 18 months for new components to be made available in distros.

Canonical do work with manufacturers and try to support those manufacturers via these OEM kernels. They usually only do these kernels for their LTS releases.

So, i have to

  1. Reset my ubuntu version to 20.04 (how ?)
  2. My keyboard problem → I wait the next lts of ubuntu, which should solve the problem with the new kernel update
  3. I run the upper command ?

I’m not forgetting anything ?

Download 20.04.2 - write to a USB - boot via that USB and install it.

oh i have to crush all my current installation ??? Can’t i just downgrade it ?

no - its not possible to downgrade.

So backup what you need onto USB first so that you don’t lose anything critical to you.

what about this ? Can’t it work ?
I have a few things i can’t crush before a few weeks for my job…

Like crypted connections already setup that i can’t setup alone before i come back from my remote work

really don’t follow guides like that - pretty poor and bad practice. you will hit more issues that people cannot replicate nor solve for you.

The alternative is simply to “live” with the issues and hope that they are resolved by the 21.10 release in October.

Ok thanks for your answers !
And there is not possibility that this command works ?

apt install linux-oem-21.04 && sudo reboot 0

Oh yeah no ok it’s only for lts. Okay ! I’ll wait for the next release then … Or reinstall 20.04 when i come back.