Re-Brand Mate System Monitor

Well I did not want to see the MATE brand on the system monitor so I fixed it! :slight_smile:


:grinning: screengrab and a bit of editing … or a real change … if so how?

Oh a real change, I found where the image file was stored and created my own and named it the same as the original file. See screenshot for location of image file. It is the image called side.png

Nice find.

If you make your image available to us, we will grab and will look to include in 23.10

Sure, here it is.

Thx - lastly - can I ask that you are happy that the copyright for the image be “CC-BY-SA4.0” and that you are the Author (I need to know your surname which you can private message me if you want) - or you are happy for the Author to be transferred to “Ubuntu Budgie Developers” ?

Yes that will be fine for the copyright and my surname is Santos but you can transfer to Ubuntu Budgie Devs if you prefer. Also I have the original Gimp image file should you need any changes to the image. Just let me know.

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@fossfreedom I cleaned up the image, got rid of some rough edges on the logo and changed the font to medium weight. Let me know if you like the look better on this one. I am including a screenshot so you can see the difference. :slight_smile:


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