Screen strectched with update 18.10 Feb 4th

please can you add a photo with what your desktop looks like.

right, only now that I’ve made a screen shot, the jpg looks correct, but I am staring at a weirdly stretched screen Screenshot%20from%202019-02-04%2009-58-29

Can you take a photo of your entire screen with a camera and post it ?

As you say - the above picture looks just fine.

okay, the log in screen looks the correct proportions (rebooted) but it’s still weirdly strected20190204_100654_1

looks like your resolution is wrong - possible 800 wide.

Can you report back what the resolution says via xrandr and the xdpyinfo values as per these two answers:

yup. side by side 20190204_100654_1 Screenshot%20from%202019-02-04%2010-24-10

There was an update to the kernel a few hours ago ( - please can you boot with the older kernel listed in grub - advanced (press shift / press escape on reboot) to see if that makes a difference?


I’ll try to reboot and get back to you

sorry press shift, then escape, or press them both at the same time?

press and hold shift will display Grub. If that doesnt work, pressing the escape key should work.

You have to be quick - its just after the computer bios screen is displayed and just before the UB plymouth logo appears.

now it catches on the reboot, freezes. I’m going to hard boot it

okay my options are for 4.18.0-14 or the 0-10 so I’m trying the .10 – hold on

whoa! the screen looks like it ought to now - so is that a problem with the kernel?colonel-sanders-at-democratic-national-convention

BTW thanks for talking me through that

looks like it.

Please report the issue to launchpad to let the Canonical Developers know about the issue. They can advise further what to-do and hopefully will fix in a future kernel release

ubuntu-bug linux

In the report say which kernel version works … and obviously which kernel version doesnt work.

done, reported it through launchpad to brian M at canonical

I think I might consider using the LTS until end of April, how do I keep track if the kernel issue has been resolved? I love the feeling of being on the cutting edge-ish, but I also need stuff to work

since you have filed the bug you will be automatically emailed when something changes on the report.

oh cool Fossfreedom - thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for it in my email inbox

Hmm, I’ve been fighting a series of re-installs, and have finally hit on “it’s me, not you” and have run the self diagnostic tools on my Dell Inspiron. It looks like my ram may have crapped out and will need replacing. In the meantime, I had been trying to find a replacement Ubuntu desktop - I know it’s gnome heavy, but the Pop_os gtk theme is very pretty. I’ll reinstall after ram replacement - thank goodness this is an older laptop and is easily screwed apart :slight_smile: