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A while ago I did a lot of fiddling about with a terminal on my desktop (possibly not UB) and managed to share a folder with my laptop. I later found that if I installed nautilus-share I could share the folder very simply from the Nautilus GUI, as it was an option on the context (right-click) menu. Now I find that the default file-manager is Nemo and the sharing options don’t show. Is there any way of doing that or will I have to switch to Nautilus? There’s no way I want to go back to typing terminal commands for this.

The sharing option seems to be available in Nemo on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon. Has there been a decision to remove this from Nemo on UB?

Have a look at budgie welcome - recommendations for Nemo stuff.

What? Read the manual? What do you take me for? :slight_smile:

I’ve found it under Budgie Welcome>Recommendations>Nemo Share.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this easy, in the past I’ve had to mess about with commands in a terminal.

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For Nemo file sharing I need Samba. Several guides on file sharing and forum posts suggest various commands to start Samba server and name server and to ensure they restart next boot, such as

sudo systemctl enable smbd
sudo systemctl enable nmbd
sudo systemctl start smbd
sudo systemctl start nmbd

However this webpage
suggests that they should start by default on UB

“Most Linux distributions provide a samba package, which does most of the server setup and starts up smbd, the Samba server, and nmbd, the netbios name server, at boot time by default.”


sudo systemctl status smbd
sudo systemctl status nmbd

shows that this seems to be the case

Jan 16 12:32:40 desktop systemd[1]: Starting Samba SMB Daemon…
Jan 16 12:32:42 desktop systemd[1]: Started Samba SMB Daemon.

I’ve tested that by running UB off a live CD and those processes both start by default on UB.

This is followed by:

Jan 16 12:33:56 desktop smbd[2037]: pam_unix(samba:session): session closed for user nobody
Jan 16 12:34:02 desktop smbd[2085]: pam_unix(samba:session): session closed for user nobody

I’ve no idea what that means, and it’s not really a good idea to ignore anything that looks like an error message, but it seems to work, so I’m not going to worry about it.

Budgie Welcome>Recommendations>Nemo Share.
Where are Recommendations?? Are new options visible after install?

Correct. The app changes to be desktop relevant rather than focussing on installation matters.