Should I remove apport?( System program problem detected)

I know that Ubuntu has a history with “System program problem detected”. I don’t know exacly why this happens, but you can “fix” it by using

sudo apt-get remove apport apport-symptoms

Then the ubuntu will not report more, with can be useful if this problem is consatant for you


Don’t delete apport. Just do what fossfreedom said.

If you do notice that the same issue is occurring, there is a checkbox (lower left) of the dialog when reporting that says that the same problem will be ignored. That’s probably better than removing apport itself.

Without apport reports on launchpad - no developer or tester will be aware of any issue you are having.

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if “System program problem detected” warnings appear every day (and it’s annoying, I know) and if you’re sure that there isn’t any recent system problem, just take a look into /var/crash and delete old files, if any.

As fossfreedom says, it’s anyway better than removing apport.

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Okay, sorry. I will edit the post

Okay, got it.