Software updater wont remove from taskbar

Not if this should be in the applets section or here but anyways, upgraded from 23.04 to 23.10 and now have the software updater that is constantly in the taskbar whether there are updates or its up to date, am I missing something, some other setting as before it only appeared when there was something to update? TIA

Can you confirm what applet is displaying that icon? - look in budgie desktop settings - panel and the applet that is approximately in that position on the panel.

well there is nothing there that says like “updater” or anything, have pasted the desktop settings below but there is appindicator applet which would actually be my wifi connections and then the spacer and then there is like xpad, and vlc minimised and this updater but like they are bundled under the System tray applet and when you actually run or invoke the updater there is nothing to update.

ok - you don’t need both the system tray and appindicator at the same time. In-fact because you have system-tray - budgie will ignore appindicator. All the icons you are seeing are shown by system tray.

You can remove system tray, logout and login and appindicator should (in theory) display the same icons … minus the updater icon until it is actually needed.

Yes seems to have worked - most excellent and thank you!
Being of nosey nature though and need to understand, what is the difference then as app indicator is i believe for those apps that now supply an icon in your “task-tray” correct?, but what is the system tray for then or are they one and the same thing, but you choose which one to implement or is one like the parent of the other? TIA

So what happened is that in 23.04 the “system tray” showed icons from legacy (old) apps that were “xembed” based.

Upstream replaced the “system tray” in 23.10 with their own status notifier implementation and retired the xembed capability. Status Notifier is similar in many ways to appindicators. Appindicators has more capability than the Status Notifier system tray though - showing specific/custom appindicators such as webmail and others.

Note - what I also did was make the previous (and now retired) xembed system tray still available in 23.10 and later - I’ve called that “carbon tray” and its available via budgie-welcome / our backports PPA.

right thank you for the explanation - it is all good now and i have learned something new so win-win
appreciate it