[Solved] Snap dregs left system calling old snap program after snap remove

This is clearly not a Budgie problem, but Skrooge is installed via deb:
alistair@alsE590:~ snap remove skrooge snap "skrooge" is not installed alistair@alsE590:~ skrooge
bash: /snap/bin/skrooge: No such file or directory

Cant instantiate skrooge through terminal to debug, but can via the menu, eeg skrooge IS installed.

hmm. You mentioned that Skrooge was installed via a deb - but then tried to remove a snap version of skrooge. I’m confused.

If its available via the menu then you need to find the executable associated with skrooge

have a look in /usr/share/applications where system wide applications install their .desktop file

grep -i skrooge /usr/share/applications/*

Look at the Exec= line - it will tell you where skrooge is installed.

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Hi what I was actually looking for, was the reason this error was happening, after a snap remove.
So I found there was still a directory /snap/skrooge sudo rm -r skrooge, then close terminal, reopen and skrooge instantiates from deb install.
The deb install of skrooge is missing a whole bunch of icons, and does not work properly. This is a separate issue and Ive raised a bug report with KDE. When its sorted, I’ll complete this thread by commenting whats needed to bring in the missing icons.

As for your question I needed to be able to instantiate skrooge from terminal to see what errors were causing the errant operation.
Skrooge error (missing icons) I fixed by:
sudo apt-get install breeze-icon-theme

Regards, Al.