Raven Menu Icon Issue


So the issue I am having seems to be with the software center not removing an icon from the raven menu after uninstalling the application. In short, I installed Skype through the software center, and then uninstalled it through the software center. After uninstalling the application, the Skype icon remains in the raven app drawer.

I tried looking for the .desktop icon for Skype within the /home/snap directory, as well as the /root/snap directory to no avail (since no Skype directories exist within them after the uninstall). I also looked in /usr/share/applications to no avail, but wouldn’t think it would be there as it’s a snap package. I thought maybe the raven menu cache list for the icons would need to be refreshed or rebuilt, but not sure how to do that exactly if that would help?

Anyone come across this problem yet?

( I am running a clean install of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 )