Some Snaps not Working After Update in 18.04

Hi all. Ran update and upgrade today on my 18.04 build and now some of my snaps aren’t working. Budgie Welcome is still running, but my two other snap apps (Hiri and Simplenote) don’t run. Clicking them results in a brief “busy” icon, which reverts back to normal. Typing the app name into the terminal just brings me back to the main prompt without comment. This is despite uninstalling and reinstalling.


Does anything show in the terminal if you do snap run SnapName?

For Hiri, I get nothing at all, it just returns me back to the prompt. For Simplenote and VLC (which I just installed as a test) it just says:

execl failed: No such file or directory
child exited with status 1

I have no idea if it’s related, but the system just sent the following error to launchpad:

budgie-polkit-dialog crashed with SIGSEGV in g_bytes_unref()