Stance on Client Side Decorations

Considering the choice of a very non CSD file manager as well as the existence of other SSD applications and a proper implementation of a global menu, is the Budgie desktop becoming more SSD friendly for the foreseeable future?

From my side, the only criteria I have for the inclusion of an application/package for the distro is whether it meets the “simplicity & elegance” motto I.e. is it the very best software that we - as users - can make use of on a daily basis that maintains the overall look and feel.

This means generally GTK based apps that are clear and obvious to use without full of complex capabilities that the majority have very little interest in.

Commonality of the look and feel is important but is not the be all and end all criterion.

So if in the future a file manager that appears that provides an equivalent capability set of nemo then yes it would be worthy of consideration. It must retain the simplicity of integration as now as well as be well maintained.

Thanks for the reply.

Does that mean if Mint developers added a CSD option for Nemo, Budgie would follow suit and use it?

GTK apps are for the most part much simpler to use and set up than others.
I like CSD apps a lot as well as SSD apps too but mixing up designs is a little odd. Sorry, I’m a stickler for details.

Highly unlikely that Mint developers will add a CSD option since it doesnt fit the workflow for Cinnamon.

Nor is there the ability to “inject” a CSD look and feel. Unlike rhythmbox where I changed the overall look to include CSD - but retained the ability to provide a switch to more traditional decoration look and feel.

So its kind of a speculative question that cannot be really answered - if such a CSD option breaks that “simplicity & elegance” we are striving for then we will not consider as a default.

Thanks for replying.