Suspend/Resume with popovers open

I noticed an odd issue with sleep/suspend. I am not sure if its been mentioned before, and it might be an upstream issue.

If I have any popover open (app menu, quicknote, etc… doesn’t matter which), leave the popover open, shut the lid on my laptop and wait a few seconds, my laptop suspends. When I open the lid back up, the popover is still there. If I wait a few seconds without touching anything, I can continue to use my laptop without the lock screen ever coming up.

Now, similar situation… I leave a popover open, shut the lid to suspend it, and open it back up to resume. Again, the popover is still there. But this time if I immediately click somewhere as soon as possible when the screen comes back on from suspend, I AM taken to a lock screen.

In other words, when suspending with a popover open, whether or not you get the lock screen seems to be dependent on how fast you click something on resume.

I hope I am explaining this well enough. This is the same behaviour on both my laptops.

Yeah. There are a a few issues upstream about locking/not locking/resuming without gnome-screensaver.

This one is linked - popovers when open control all input and thus gnome screensaver cannot be invoked because the pop over hasn’t released control back.

In reality the real fix is for somehow budgie desktop to listen in on some sort of systemd notification when about to sleep and invoking gnome screensaver manually before allowing the sleep process to complete.

That “somehow” is badly needed but no one yet has figured out the “how” implementation.

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