System program problem detected

I keep getting this error message every time I boot the computer. any ideas what is triggering the error message, i am unable to read what is causing the error.

Check /var/crash for crash logs. Removing them will get rid of the ‘greeter’ when starting your system next time. Ofcourse it will be back if you have any crashes after the deletion.

This definitely resolves the issue. Is there no way to auto clear this during a shutdown process?

I’ve started getting this - it pops up about 30 seconds after login, then again every hour or so. It’s annoying because it pops up on top of my Remmina remote session.

The logs are too busy to figure out what exactly might be causing the popup.

/var/crash contains a single file called _usr_libexec_geoclue.122.crash, but I’m not sure what to make of the contents or if it has any relevance.

What would be the best course of action to debug this?

Well first up you need to report the issue to launchpad when prompted to send the report.

Geoclue is described in this Q&A process - Is ubuntu-geoip (GeoClue) used for tracking? - Ask Ubuntu

As you can see - lots of things could be using the geoclue Dbus stuff.

If you have location services turned on in budgie-control-center you might want to turn that off - this will disable geoclue from most apps - just look for the privacy tab.