Testing Budgie Desktop 10.5.3


Budgie Desktop v10.5.3 has been released by upstream. We have packaged this for 20.04/20.10 and 21.04 to enable everyone to help test it.

Lots of goodies to play with - this is described by Fashionable GNOME Forty | The Roundup #19 | Solus

If you are coming from 20.04/20.10 then the jump to v10.5.3 is much larger - the release of 10.5.2 is described here in the budgie-desktop section of our release notes Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 Release Notes | Ubuntu Budgie

To help test follow these instructions:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-desktop-test
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt purge gnome-screensaver

Note - you will not be able to use budgie-hotcorners since this needs gnome-screensaver. We’ll have to fix this via our budgie-extras repo

Next reboot

If you are using 20.04 / 20.10:
If you haven’t already got dconf-editor then please install it and change the key value in com.solus-project.budgie-wm desktop-type-override to the value “nemo”

Logout and login

Let us know how you get on - good and not so good.

Early testing will help iron out issues before formal release.


PPA added, is there any issues to watch for in particular ?

not really anything specific - think general usage should uncover matters. Might be worth trying some of the new stuff mentioned by upstream to see if they actually work under a ubuntu base.