Thunderbird cant save attachments

Does anybody know how to convince Thunderbird 78.8.1 (64-bit) on Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 to use regular paths? At the moment it cant save attachments because of this error:

/run/user/1000 - that’s a very odd sounding mounted location.

What is this? Ext4 location? I was expecting a more normal “/home/{username}” type of home folder.

I just realised that notepadqq has the same problem. I dont know if it is ext4. Here is my gparted view:

looks a little odd - I was expecting to see a / mount point and a /home mount point. You appear to have those missing.

This is outside my area of expertise I’m afraid - / and /home are things I see when doing a standard installation.

Thank you for the quick replies. Where and who would I ask to get the /home mount point going?

Sounds like a generic “all ubuntu” type question. A wider audience on / could hopefully help here.

Also, isn’t it weird to have an ext4 /boot partition when you already have a fat32 efi boot partition?

I dont know I am just a user. The budgie installation went through without issues so I assume it is as it should be.

Your Thunderbird is probably installed as a snap, and as such it needs permission to access some parts of your system.

snap list --all

If Thunderbird appears in that list, go to « software », installed tab, look for the Thunderbird page, click on permissions or authorizations button near install/remove ( don’t know how it reads in english ) and enable access to removable storage and eventually home.

One day maybe « software » will obviously and clearly mention the package type. One day maybe snap app’s at first launch will ask user the required permissions. Or maybe don’t use snap ( Thunderbird can be installed from the regular apt/.deb repositories ).

The budgie installation went through without issues so I assume it is as it should be.
Note that your installation is encrypted → was it intended ?

Good stuff. Thank you for all the help. As soon as I replaced all the snap apps by their apt counterparts they work as intended. Stranger things.

“Note that your installation is encrypted → was it intended ?”
Yes it was.

Well snap have their purposes. Once correctly set some just work.

I was celebrating too early. Now in Thunderbird 78 I get this when a draft is supposed to be saved:

“Unable to save your message as a draft.
You specified that this message should be digitally signed, but the application either failed to find the signing certificate specified in your Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings, or the certificate has expired.”

I did not specify that this message should be digitally signed. Even if so I do not have certificates installed. I use GPG keys.

I wanted to go back to TB 68 but apparently that is not possible in Budgie.

I wanted to go back to TB 68 but apparently that is not possible in Budgie.
…and nowhere else, not Budgie specific : TB 78.× is the current and up to date stable version of TB for all, which is maintained, supported and safe.

I’m not very aware about mail encryption and signatures but as TB saw many changes regarding those matters, I assume you should check your settings and look for doc/blog/forums explaining those new features in TB 78.

Enigmail is not working with TB 78 and the TB 78 built in GPG is unusable for a regular user when coming from Enigmail IMHO. So I have to find a way to get TB68 going or I have to revert to Ubuntu 16 or where ever I get TB 68.

hmm - 20.10 was released with v78 of thunderbird - it never had v68

20.04 was released with v68 and has been updated to 78 - so for 20.04 you could pin the older package e.g. via synaptic

For 20.10 though - since no package was built - you choice is probably more limited

Ah - looks like the is a v68 binary here for 20.10 thunderbird : Groovy (20.10) : Ubuntu - given the date its probably the binary copied from 20.04 right at the beginning of 20.10 development. Whether it works in the release version of 20.10 is a good question.

Thank you! I got thunderbird 1:68.10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 from launchpad going on my Budgie 20.10. Now Enigmail works again. Also the scrolling of folders works again.

It’s a very weird piece of advice to keep using TB68 as it’s no longer maintained.

Unfortunately TB78 is unusable for quite a few people if you follow the many questions on the internet asking how to downgrade from the unwanted TB78. That includes at least those who depend on Enigmail and a working encryption.

The joy did not last. Ubuntu is now apparently the new Windows. Forced Updates, lots of crashes, … Despite locking the TB68 version in Synaptic TB78 forced itself onto my system. Now I am back again to the unusable GPG… I do not know anymore how to tame that beast and protect myself from TB78.