Trojans in the Budgie repository

I have recently downloaded and installed the budgie desktop. I have activated the firewall and updated the OS with latest version. I have installed clam AV and I am consistently getting trojans via open office documents from the budgie software repository. Since I need to use word formatting documents regularly I cannot remove.

I cannot seem to remove them…any suggestions please?


Clam av installed from where?

Highly doubtful you actually have any trojans. I suspect this is a false positive that should be reported on the issue tracker where clam av was installed from.

From the ubuntu budgie download center.

It is picking up trojans, after a while my screen starts to glitch, any ideas
I have since searched the forums and found a few similar problems with glitching screens on debian stretch and ubuntu budgie. This is a fresh install updated etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated because it is driving me nuts

Please report the clam av issue to launchpad. You need a account.

Run the following in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug clamav

Glitching graphics is very likely due to the graphics driver you are using. Please raise another issue with details of what your graphics card is and someone will advise you further.