Trying to find some likeminded people to talk with

I just want to start with either declaring a myth or a fact.
I remember when I started out using computers, I had an Amiga 600 first, then Aminga 1200.
I know Amiga could run Linux even, because it has a Motorola chipset. The architecture is different from
Intel. So was the MAC. I remember when we had our first MAC, I could watch MTV in fullscreen resolution and still no glitches. So Amiga and MAC was years ahead of PC when it came to both sound and graphic. Wonder if Linux uses that architecture? Also wonder if maybe Linux is pretty far ahead on Audio and Graphic as well. Just want to know peoples thoughts and discuss a bit.

The other subject that is close to heart at the moment are BASH scripting. But I could talk about most things really it is really interesting. So, anyone who can clear up if it is a fact or myth (if Linux is way ahead and if it uses motorola machine programming) and if anyone would like to talk with me either by IRC is what I use, e-mail or in another way prefered, well, take contact! I don’t bite :slight_smile: