Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Testing Week

The Ubuntu Budgie team is delighted to announce an Ubuntu Testing Week from April 2nd to April 8th with other flavors in the Ubuntu family.

April 2nd is the beta release of what will become Ubuntu Budgie 20.04, and during this week, there will be a freeze on changes to features, the user interface and documentation. Between April 2nd and final release on April 23rd, the Ubuntu Budgie team and community will focus on ISO testing, bug reporting, and fixing bugs. Please join the community by downloading the daily ISO image and trying it out, even beginning today.


Ubuntu Budgie ISO Download: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-budgie/daily-live/current/
Other flavor downloads: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/

QA Tracker

QA tracker: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/411/builds

From this main page, click on the ‘Ubuntu Budgie Desktop amd64’ link to arrive
at the test cases page (But we encourage you to test as many Flavors as you are

On the test cases page, you can download the ISO by clicking the ‘Link
to the download information’ and report test results to the
various test cases for Ubuntu Budgie.

If you see other flavors needing testing
on the main page, please test for them as well.

Getting Help or Discussing

Chat live on IRC (#ubuntu-quality on Freenode) or telegram (UbuntuTesters: https://t.me/UbuntuTesters) if you like, during this time of pandemic social distancing.

We can also discuss here in this thread as needed as well.

Test Targets

If you have no spare computer to use for testing, no problem! You can test without changing your system by running it in a VM (Virtual Machine) with software like Virtualbox or running it in the live session from a USB or DVD, so you can also test if your hardware works correctly. We encourage those that are willing, installing it either in a VM or on physical hardware–requires at least 6GB of hard disk space–and use it continuously for a few days, as more bugs can be exposed and reported this way.

Reporting Bugs

The easy way to report a bug is to open up Tilix (or whichever terminal you are
using) and then typing:

ubuntu-bug packagename

The packagename is the program or application where you experience the bug.

Using ubuntu-bug will automatically upload error logs and other files to Launchpad that developers need to fix the bug.

How Do I Find the Package Name?

Here is a beautiful youtube video showing the entire process, including one way to figure out what packagename is appropriate.


Notable Packages

The installer’s packagename is ubiquity. Experience tells us that it is the most useful packagename to know for ISO testing when things go wrong with the installation. The live session software package is casper, should you encounter bugs affecting the live session itself, not programs.

Other programs with bugs should be filed against their packages, for instance, firefox, nemo, vlc, etc. Only the bug number is needed when reporting the results of a test on the QA tracker.


Please test programs/applications that you regularly use, so you can identify bugs and regressions that should be reported.


New ISO files are built every day; always test with the most up-to-date ISO. It is easier and faster to update an existing daily ISO with the command below (first right-click on the ISO’s folder in Nemo and select Open in Terminal) or open Tilix and cd path-to-ISO-folder.

Zsync downloads only changes, so it’s swift.

$ zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-budgie/daily-live/current/focal-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync

Note - You may need to install Zsync. THe can be done in the terminal with sudo apt install zsync

Thank You!

We all thank you for any help and testing provided as we all march towards a solid release.


My 20.4 HiDPI lock screen. How to fix this?

I have another HiDPI problem in this post

Does this happen without the dock?

To be honest, docks are difficult to troubleshoot as we do not have any to reproduce the bug with.

Just did a test. Same issue even if I bypass the dock and plug in the screen direct to the Surface

Ok. This morning updates fixed the below issue on lock screen. But, screen positioning and HiDPI fractional scaling lost once unlocked!!!

  1. locked screen no tearing
  2. once unlocked, external screen scaling and position lost (via dock and direct connected)
  3. logoff and back in, external screen scaling and position lost (via dock and direct connected)
  4. restart, external screen scaling and position lost (via dock and direct connected)


Just to confirm, this issue is UB (19.10/20.4) only. Tested with Ubuntu 19.10 and everything works perfect. Wayland and XOrg sessions tested.

Unfortunately I dont have a 4k laptop to help reproduce with. This will need someone with 4k to dig around in the codebase to resolve.

Thanks for looking into this. I will look around to see if anyone’s had similar issues elsewhere. Cheers

This one’s probably a user issue. How do I set my city in the Weather and Forecast applet?
Edit: Figured that out. It’s in the Budgie Desktop Settings!!! Sorry, I am used to right-click and getting to applet settings.

New user here - how much ram should minimal install use (on 720p)?
I’ve just booted into VM and ram usage seemed kinda high (imo), so I want to ask before I draw any hasty conclusions

I managed to lower it with killing some background, unnecessary for me stuff (ie wacom drivers)

The recommendation of Ubuntu Budgie is 4GB RAM and a decent processor from the last 10 years.

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thanks for answer
soo it’s just me overreacting :sweat_smile:
btw - everything works great and is highly responsive in VM on my crappy laptop, great job ^^

Dropbox is installed via welcome screen but “super-key” can’t find it anywhere.

After reboot this a.m., tried to get it going (to finish off with username+p.w. etc.) but it is nowhere to be found.

Went to software to install and it says it is installed:

ok - pushed an update to nemo-dropbox.

So you need to install either the dropbox deb from the dropbox website - or nautilus-dropbox from the ubuntu repos. You will then see dropbox in the menu.

Once dropbox is connected - install nemo-dropbox so that dropbox icons etc appear in nemo

@fossfreedom - noticed that but did a fresh install today and installed Dropbox via software instead and everything is okay now. Should have been a bit more patient. My bad, sorry. :flushed:

This issue disappears if “fractional scaling” is turned off and simply use PixelDouble" settings originally offered. Looks like it’s a bug in the fractional scaling “switch”

I can confirm, screen positioning and scaling (pixel double or 3x etc) settings are remembered over reboots, log off

and lock screens.

Please do feedback your findings to the fractional scaling devs via

ubuntu-bug mutter

Bug report says Mutter “not installed”. That’s because it’s UB I believe.