Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 Released!

We are pleased and proud to be part of the @ubuntu 20.10 official release - so grab and spread the news!


201.0 has now been released. Since the Ubiquity bug has not yet been fixed, I could try “do-release-upgrade” which I hope might circumvent it. Can you reassure me that it will only affect my system partition “/” and won’t affect “/home” or my other data disk. When I do a standard installations I can choose to do “something else” to avoid problems, but I won’t know whether “do-release-upgrade” will give me any choices until I try it.

Yes I have a backup, but it’s never a good plan to hope for the best and rely on the backup.

do-release-upgrade is basically an in-place upgrade - there are no options. It leaves your partitioning alone and just upgrades packages.

I’ve just had a go at this, it errors on apt upgrade after about an hour :
depmod . . . .
DKMS: install completed.
Building initial module for 5.8.0…
ERROR: cannot create report: [Errno 17] File exists: '/var/crash/nvidia-340…

I assumed the installation has failed, but I did try to boot it and it started but got stuck. If I re-install 10.04 but switch from the nvidia driver to the default one then try again or maybe do apt upgrade off the live system first it might skip that step perhaps, is it worth a try?

Yeah - that is more likely to work. NVIDIA is a proprietary mess at the best of times.

NVIDIA-340 is pretty old now - guessing they (NVIDIA) aren’t really maintaining it very well.

N.B. you should really delete the contents of /var/crash/ anyway - so that old crash reports don’t conflict with new ones that appears to have occurred - i.e. NVIDIA crashed but the crash report conflicted with the an existing crash report in that folder

I’ve switched to the standard driver and /var/crash is empty on the new 20.04 installation.
I did

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

It has installed without any problems, took about an hour and a quarter.
This method overcomes the “No EFE partition…” error and switching to the standard screen driver avoids the problem with the nvidia one.

Thanks for the usual Ubuntu Budgie rapid, relevant and unpatronising support. It’s worth switching to this distro just for that.


On VB Gorilla works like a charm. I noticed that resources of RAM is more less than 20.04, which is very nice. After turn on it is about 900 MB (1,9 GB on 20.04). But on the other hand the resources of processor is much more busy, mainly becouse of BudgieWM.
About applets - not possible to put ShowTime to whichever position, it stick as a rock to down right, can’t move it.
Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 is perfect job, thanks guys.

Have a look at the applet settings on budgie desktop settings. You can enable repositioning through that. If you are still having issues please raise a new topic. Thx.

Yes, it’s obvious, I’ve made a several trials, without results.
Also, the time of start of system - it’s amazing fast, much better than 20.04.