Upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04.1 → 2 bad surprises


first I’m the only one to blame for doing this on a production machine, thinking « what could go wrong ? »

So here is an update from 20.04 to 22.04 not a fresh install.

The process went fine, answered two~three questions about config’s to keep or change but nothing related to display. At reboot, 2 issues :

⋅ only 2 screen resolutions on offer, 1024×768 or 800×600px ;
⋅ had to re-do the network configuration ( I expected it to be kept. )

The graphic card is an old nvidia gts450 which is no longer supported by nvidia drivers for years ( last time was on 14.04 ) so nouveau was the driver.

I’ve nevertheless tried with nvidia 390 but nothing changed.
I’ll most probably go back to nouveau

Of course did some sudo apt update / full-upgrade / autopurge.

Where / what to look for ? nomodeset ? Why ? It’s the only thing I’ve found on internet sometimes solving these kind of screen resolution issue…

nomodeset is used to turn off the kernel mode setting (kms)… i.e. kernel will not handle anything todo with graphics drivers … xserver has to handle everything.

I understand most opensource drivers have removed support for non kms stuff … so probably nvidia/nouveau with nomodeset isnt the way to go.

Other than playing around with xrandr --newmode stuff and/or delving back into history and developing your own xorg.conf file to instruct xserver directly you might want to consider that your 12 year old graphics card needs a well deserved retirement.

It’s old but works. So no retirement and no waste.

22.04 on that machine works from usb live session.

22.04 installed from scratch on that machine also works ( if you don’t enable third party installer in ubiquity which replaces nouveau by nvidia driver ) - by chance I had set that dual boot few weeks ago ( that one ).

So I really think here it’s a setting / driver / software issue after upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04.

Even if I’ve been stupid enough to do that on a production machine I had checked before : updates, ppa, available space, live session. Data are safe, synchronized with other machines and backup’ed. So I’d really like to dwelve into that particular session.

So is it user account specific issue (create new account and login) or a system wide issue?

If the former worth checking if you have any .X* type of files e.g. .xsession in your home folder.

If the latter check if you have any leftover xorg.conf like files probably buried somewhere in /usr/share/X11/*

I’ll have my hands on that machine tomorrow so I’ll keep informed.

Since it happens right off the start, on session login screen I suspect a system wide issue
( most if not all my installations are multi-users. )
Worth checking anyway.

Thanks for the ideas, and shedding some light on nomodeset.

Not the main topic but was it normal I had to re-do the network configuration after upgrade ?

What a joke…

Today I start my computer and problem’s gone.

Driver nvidia 390 installed, wait and see about it.

Only « problem » remaining : the splash screen ( budgie logo with running dots ) is ugly ( like textual mode sort of. )

I suspect the plymouth text version is because of the nvidia driver not supporting KMS booting.

With regards to network stuff. The only reason i can think for it disappearing is because you answered yes to replace the network config with the package version… or because the networking is now different in 22.04 and it uses a completely new config file(s)

And would nomodeset be of any help in that case ?

Anyway, since 22.04 ( any variant ) the splash screen is often replaced by boot-logs because of some warning regarding « mtd device name must be supplied » see Bug #1981622 “mtd device must be supplied (device name is empty)...” : Bugs : systemd package : Ubuntu

Removing nvidia driver in favor of nouveau solves the « ugly splash screen » and other issues ( flickering icons on desktop… )

But now I’ve discovered something else, about printers ( other thread incoming. )