User rights issue

Hi, Iḿ a new user to Budgie and cannot install programs at all, states that I don´t have permissions.
Normally I would get a box to enter my password, but not here. Maybe I didnt get admin rights at installation ? any terminal command that can solve it

/ Lurs

What application are you trying to install ?

Any thing available from the software center, nothing works. The same message on not having the right permissions to install.

same problem here with budgie 20.04 after install updates. everything went well beforehand. open as administrator, Synaptic, software center, Gparted and so on i do not get a box to enter my password.
when i start the programs from the terminal with sudo, everything runs normally. please Help

Do check you are fully up to date, logout and login.

Hi, that did it, update then upgrade the system, thanks

After sudo update-manager (it updates the budgie core) and restart, everything seems to be working again