VM as docked favorite in Redmond Theme?

Hi everyone

I’m running the Redmond theme in Ubuntu Budgie and appreciate the possibility to “tag” a running program to the dock as favorite (“Keep in dock”). This works fine for eg. the ORACLE VirtualBox Manager. However, when I run VBox VM itself, I am not offered this option to make that VM a favorite in the dock.

Is there a way to achieve this?



You’ll need to create a .desktop file and I guess drag and drop onto the icon-task-list applet (the “dock” in the panel).

I’m not sure though what you need to type in the “Exec=” part of the .desktop file - its the executable and probably the parameter to that exe to launch the VM.

Thank you for the suggestion.
Indeed I can create a .desktop file for the VM on my desktop :upside_down_face: from within the VBox Manager. I have tried to drag-drop it into the dock then, but it’s not working, the icon just slides back into its place on the desktop.
More ideas?