What is this? Gnome Software

Something called “Gnome Software” set to startup. What is it? What happen if I disable it?

Its a bit back to front - but the autostart is there to “not” start gnome-software. In 20.04 by default it starts a service and gobbles up ram whilst doing so.

So for 20.10 we disable this via an autostart file that says “Do not start if you are using budgie-desktop … but start if you are using GNOME/Unity”


okay, not to touch then.

Not for 20.10. I’m intending to work with Canonical to get that “one line” patch into 21.04 when development opens in Nov onwards. In that way we won’t need a local autostart file since the same name /etc/xdg/autostart file will have the fix.

That’s an amazing thing to know! I always go kill that one at startup. And I thought it was kinda paranoid!

I am not sure I understand this:

Autostart is there to not start something??? Everything on that list starts automatically after boot, there is no option to “not start” something. Unless it is written in the code of gnome-software app that after start it does some commands that shut down something or what?

By the way I ask because I don’t have that in my autostart list of apps and I have Ubuntu Budgie 20.04? So, do I need to add something or do something? I haven’t noticed any unusual behavior of the ram usage…

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It does start gnome-software - but only for GNOME/Unity in 20.10. For budgie-desktop it has a clause “NotShowIn=Budgie” which means “Don’t start when logged into budgie desktop”

In 20.04 it is in your autostart list - you just don’t see it because its in the list /etc/xdg/autostart - these aren’t shown in budgie-desktop-settings.

Take a closer look at your process list - you’ll see “gnome-software” there taking up approx 100 to 150Mb RAM