When I Open System Monitor Preferences - The Taskbar Stops Responding

I added a new applet named System Monitor . It is the applet that is showing the live bandwidth usage in the bottom right.

To change its preference, I Left Clicked on it and clicked Preferences .

Now it does not respond when I click on the bottom panel anywhere. It even does not respond to Win key which opens the menu.

Is this a bug or a feature?

It’s a bug of sorts.
I also have that same issue with Autostart. Go into the add command and the entire panel becomes as responsive as a rock.

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Hmm… I presume you have to close the window dialog before things start working again?

Yes it starts working when I close the window, but it definitely breaks the user experience.

It’s a standard gtk dialog. That’s how gtk dialogs work … short operations that halts the calling app until you finish with it.

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I don’t know! :thinking: why a window will freeze :confused: the whole panel?

The panel is just an app.

Strictly speaking yeah that applet should not be opening a gtk dialog but should be using something like a gtk stack pop over.

… but I dont have the bandwidth to rewrite that. Basically change the preferences and close the window.

If you fancy helping fixing it then feel free to fork and help out

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This seems a simple task. Which file do I need to edit?

Budgiesysmonitor.py is the budgie applet itself

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Thanks fossfreedom - lovely little app - works perfectly! (18.04, 64bit)

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