When rebooting sound config goes back to jack

First things first… Thanks to the Budgie team for incorporating a Rpi version of this fantastic OS, iḿ glad to be able to share the same OS through out all my pc, laptops and most of Ris.

Iḿ having a issue, after a fresh install, being that the soung configuration keeps going back to the original jack output, insteet of manintaining the HDMI (tv) port, wich I keep modifying. Its easy to solve, just somehow tedious to have to do it every time the rpi is rebooted.

I’m shure it will be me doing something wrong…

Try using Menu - Sound and choosing the sound output there. Does that work?

I think this is related to this issue:

  • On the desktop image, the wrong audio output device is selected on each boot. A workaround is available in the bug report (bug 1899962 )

The workaround is to edit /etc/pulse/default.pa and find the following lines and comment them out:

### Use hot-plugged devices like Bluetooth or USB automatically (LP: [#1702794](https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1702794))
.ifexists module-switch-on-connect.so
load-module module-switch-on-connect

The drawback is if you are using any USB or Bluetooth audio devices, this will prevent them from being automatically selected when connected.

I have tested this workaround and it does work for me, so hopefully this will solve your issue until the bug is fixed.