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Which is the default icon for menu applet?


Hi, I changed the current menu icon, but I would like to revert to the default icon and the applet doesn’t have a ‘restore’ option.

Could you tell me which is the string I should put in the text box of the applet?

Thanks in advance!


Assuming you mean the “Start” menu, run in a terminal:

dconf reset -f /com/solus-project/budgie-panel/instance/budgie-menu/

As far as I can see, a reset option misses ineed. That would however be an upstream issue.


Thanks a lot @vlijm It worked perfect.


Costales … If that was your issue on the Solus tracker about the calendar this is your solution.

N.b. all applets via budgie welcome is not an upstream issue and should not be raised there. Budgie welcome applets are from third party developers. All the links for where to raise issues for those applets are available from where you install the applets.


Please ignore… That was another user who raise this. Sorry about that!!