Window Previews< workspaces dock option

Hello friends may you consider adding an option to show a secondary bar & dock under the show exposed windows popup like the workspaces in the activities view & mission control and backport it to 21.04? by enabling this checkbox the usually centered popup is offset & moved up and under it another popup also is shown with the previews of your other workspaces, another good way to do this is to chow clickable indicator dots (like in the app menu) which when pressed the current workspace is switched to the one clicked

Sorry. I am afraid I dont understand what enhancement you are trying to convey.

Maybe if you can sketch out a few drawings this will help with understanding further?

Something like this but nicer, or separating the dots from the main pop up, the idea is to have said dots represent all of your workspaces / virtual desktops, said dots will also indicate the current desktop and allow the user jump between them, another way I could see it implemented is the show windows from all workspaces option, by grouping all the windows per workspace instead of blendim all in the same expose view

Technically the workspace dots idea is not possible due to limitations with the window manager - mutter. We did have that sort if arrangement along time ago, but mutter kept randomly crashing when switching workspaces with the previews window open.

I will leave it to @vlijm to comment about the windows per workspace idea.

Ok, my apologies, thanks for the help :smiley:

We do have a development in mind where the previews window will have a tiny bar at the bottom or right though with mini representations of other workspaces. Clicking will switch the previews selection to the picked workspace (not actually switch to). Picking a window on another workspace’ window will then of course switch to the other workspace, like visualspace applet (the dotted representation in the panel) does now.

Development on shuffler’s new control window and the window rules Gui in that has preference at this moment though.


Cool, please let me know when you release it, I would love to have it; my usual work flow is using a traditional desktop in which I can switch apps from a taskbar but also in which I have a full screen workspace switcher with exposed windows in case I want to reach something hard to find or in another workspace

That development would allow me to do so and I really want it :smiley:


I can only second, that I am very interested in that kind of a workspace-switcher too, as described by @vlijm! Hope its ok that I take the chance and express this here! :slight_smile:

Background: Just got into ubuntu Budgie for the first time this week, on a 2011 MacBook and I am BLOWN AWAY by the instant convenience, design and usability of the desktop environment! 6 years into using Linux and I was rarely this excited. It nearly converted me already… will definitely look deeper into Budgie.

Thanks for your great work!