Windows management + super key issues

I don’t know if my version is the pre-instalated, I just installed the sistem of the zero and didn’t nothing to the previsualizations.

We did & tried all that during development, but the possible time between destroy and check-for-existence was a dealbreaker. We fixed it then by error_trap_push() which even returns a result on (just) destroyed window. No clue why that does not work in op’s case. Never had a single issue. Would be interesting to find out if a specific event or window type is in the picture.

@Bird12 Would you share your hardware / specs with us? As said above, the attempt to create a window preview crashes if the window does not exist (any more). Most of the time that will be only a very tiny split second between checking on the window and actual preview creation. This is fixed in the code by using Gdk error_trap(). So far, this is the first case as far as I can see where error_trap does not do the job, which make me wonder:

  • does this happen on a specific type of window?
  • does this happen on a specific type of hardware?

If you’d be willing to share, would be much appreciated.

My hardware:

Isn’t on a specific type of window, it’s in every window