Windows management + super key issues

I have two issues to report about the system:

  1. My windows (super) button is not working sometimes, especially when I need it most. I don’t know what happens to happen, but I’ve already installed all language support thinking it would help, but it didn’t help;
  2. My window management is not working well lately, because it hangs and gets that gray square a little transparent in the middle of the screen when it was to open the windows, it is necessary to turn on and off the tool operation through control previews, losing some of the practicality.

These two problems end up losing the practicality of the system since without them it gets better in practicality and functionality.

What version of Ubuntu Budgie are you using?

I’m using the 19.10 version

Not sure what grey square you mean, when using alt-tab? If so, did you activate it via the main menu?

yes it’s the alt-tab square gray, when is use the shortcut, he just show the square when he should show the open windows. I left it activated through the main menu, through the program previews control

I have requested feedback for this suggested fix that is your issue here

Thanks, I’ll read this topic, and I tell yoy if solve my problem

I must say, didn’t run into an issue like this before, unless something wrong went wrong with installing. A few questions: is this a full, default fresh install or an update? To catch a possible error, could you, directly after log in, ope a terminal and run pkill -f '/lib/budgie-previews/previews_creator', after that: '/lib/budgie-previews/previews_creator' and keep the terminal open? If the issue occurs, please post the output.

apparently this tip didn’t work much about the super key problem

the preview control problem didn’t occur after I ran these two commands, the predictions usually

This problems, this a few moments, continue occurring

Just an idea, but about the previews issue, if it occurs, is it immediately starting after log in?

No, it’s sometimes after a while in login

Then the only option to catch the error is to run the commands I suggested for a while I am afraid, until the error occurs. Would be really helpfull, since we have no other info, nor known other occurrence of the issue.

Ok, I’ll take the commands and tell here what happen when the error occurs

One strange thing that you notice about a keyboard window is that it doesn’t open, but when the menu opens, it closes with a key.

So, I did it and take this problem in the terminal:
(previews_creator:18863): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 21:06:25.124: gdk_pixbuf_get_from_window: assertion ‘gdk_window_is_viewable (src)’ failed

** (previews_creator:18863): CRITICAL **: 21:06:25.128: create_previews_determine_sizes: assertion ‘pre_shot != NULL’ failed

(previews_creator:18863): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 21:25:25.453: gdk_pixbuf_get_from_window: assertion ‘gdk_window_is_viewable (src)’ failed

** (previews_creator:18863): CRITICAL **: 21:25:25.453: create_previews_determine_sizes: assertion ‘pre_shot != NULL’ failed

(previews_creator:18863): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 21:47:41.307: gdk_pixbuf_get_from_window: assertion ‘gdk_window_is_viewable (src)’ failed

** (previews_creator:18863): CRITICAL **: 21:47:41.311: create_previews_determine_sizes: assertion ‘pre_shot != NULL’ failed

I’n still don’t know how to fix the super button problem

Trying to understand what is happening… Just to make sure, yoiu are using the pre-installed version of previews, right? You didn’t install it (again) or anything like that?
If it happens, any particular application running? Any particular activity orevent?

Could use a test “window.is_viewable()” and if not true then do something to not further process the match window - think that will stop further issues below that in the if statement.

Also Gdk.pixbuf_get_from_window – gdk-3.0 (budgie-extras/previews_creator.vala at master · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras · GitHub) says that the function itself can return NULL - so the code could have a defensive “if returnval is null” type statement rather than assume stuff is valid