Zorin OS 17 is the best

This operating system is the best. It has everything I needed. It is not only fast, but also beautiful. Working on it is pure pleasure.
Budgie is currently on two of my computers, but Zorin is on three of my laptops, as well as on two computers.
I’ve been saying for a long time - give people some fun, not just productivity. I found no understanding.
So tell me - why is Zorin OS in such a position on distrowatch, and budgie is completely out of the ranking?

I think you are trying to say that you really like Ubuntu Budgie and can’t understand why Zorin is so much higher in the distrowatch rankings above Ubuntu Budgie?

I also use both Ubuntu Budgie and ZorinOS. I like them both. I have Zorin on my laptop and U.Budgie on my desktop. The one negative thing I would say about Zorin 17 is that I believe it is still based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Zorin is lagging behind in that respect.

Distrowatch is a good, informative website but I wouldn’t put too much stock in the rankings. Tell your friends about Ubuntu Budgie. Tell them to give Ubuntu Budgie a try. I am not sure how else it will grow in popularity aside from that.

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I am very happy that you like zorinOS. I met the 2 main developers at the Ubuntu summit 2022. They are great people that put a lot of effort in their distribution.

As for best, well that is highly subjective. The beauty of Linux and open source software, is that anyone with a vision can start a project. There are now 10 different Ubuntu flavours, but I would not say one is better than the other. There is better at something specific, or Better for a particular user’s preference.

Having said that, do you feel like there is a particular feature or component in ZorinOS that you would like to see in Ubuntu Budgie?

I meant to say that the “new” ZorinOS 17 is now based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. And it will be supported until 2027. So that is why it is lagging behind. 20.04 would be ridiculously behind and I wanted to be clear that was not the case. I really like ZorinOS. I just wish it was more up to date.

Yes, I love Ubuntu Budgie, I have installed ubuntubudgie on every machine I have available for as long as I can remember. I admire the team’s effort and am grateful for each new version. It’s a titanic job, and I admire it.
However, I have always believed that Linux should give people more than other systems like Mac or Windows - I mean freedom of choice. I advocated for this on this forum. In my opinion, Zorin OS gives such freedom, while Ubuntu Budgie does not. And that’s what using Linux is all about - freedom of choice. If I want, above all, productivity without unnecessary, as they say, bells and whistles, I simply turn them off in the settings. But they should be there - and it should be up to me to decide whether to turn them off or not.
The Zorin OS team seems to listen to users’ voices in every aspect of system operation, while the ubuntubudgie team believes they know better what the user cares about.
After a month of using Zorin OS 17, I can say one thing - it’s amazing. I recommend it especially for fossfreedom, nomen omen.