18.04 Always On Top Right Click Menu Issues

Hi all, wondering if anyone knows how to fix an issue where only some windows have the ability to right click and select “Always On Top”. For example I can make Tilex or the file browser windows stay on top, but not Firefox or VSCode. Is this happening to anyone else? To note, I’m using the default Theme.

Hmm… are Firefox and vscode snap packages or deb based?

all deb based. Another example is it works properly for Gnome MPV but not VLC.

Possibly it is this upstream issue

That’s unfortunate, but that is most likely the cause. Thanks for the info…

I know it’s quite old stuff…

But today there is no longer ability to set window always on top, the popover menu on tasklist icon just does not show these features anymore, for whatever app’.

Intended ?

I don’t understand wether the upstream bug is closed because fixed, or closed as is ?

Last commit says

Individual windows have controls for always-on-top, resolving #1428, maximize / unmaximize, minimize, and switching to a workspace.

So you use the window controls (window decoration left hand side controls) todo this assuming the application itself supports that.

Ok, adventurous…

As I’m used to put window buttons controls leftside, I can access « always on top a.s.o. » while rightclicking… kind of weird :
…if I only right clik and release, no popover menu. I have to right click+maintain+slide+then left-click, all in one move.

Seems to work though with LibreOffice and Terminal, not Firefox.

Strange enough : it also works with Firefox if I right click on windows control button in top panel, through pixel-saver applet.

But it does not work in the top bar of non maximized Firefox windows, with control buttons on the left. It does not work either with buttons on the right.

Its these inconsistencies that probably is the reason upstream dropped it from icontasklist … there isn’t an easy way from budgie to include this since applications handle stuff in different ways.