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19.04 Daily Download


Maybe, contrib and non-free have to be taken off from sources.list.
The icons seems to be somewhat small at 50%, maybe that can be corrected by adding libexempi3_2.4.1-1 from here, at least that worked for me.


Nemo doesnt need that package otherwise it would be a dependency.

libexemp8 is the disco package. There is no libexemp3 in the repo.
Edit: in disco v8 is used in the build https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/nemo

Have you added backports? If you have you would be running nemo v4 since we are recommending that version for brave souls.

EDIT 2: I install the libexemp3 library from debian, killed nemo v3 and restarted - I didn’t notice any differences in the icon sizes.


I am using Nemo v4.
There was also a problem of contrib non-free in sources.list, always telling that it cannot be accessed, so I deleted that.
Lately, I noticed not showing the day, only the month as in screenshot below,


The small icon issue is with our backports version? I hope you didnt install a linux mint package version since that will cause issues just like this.

Contrib etc will be made available as usual around beta 2 time.

I have asked team member jacob about the day issue. What language are you using? What locale settings are you using? We need to reproduce what you are seeing


The language is Polish.


You have a hybrid install. We cannot support such a setup since stuff may not reflect reality. Does your date issue occur on a live session UB iso?


Hi @chdsl, did you by any chance play with the date format in dconf? Anyway, do you have for me the outputs of the three commands below:

gsettings get org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-showtime dateformat

locale date_fmt





$ gsettings get org.ubuntubudgie.plugins.budgie-showtime dateformat

$ locale date_fmt
%a, %-d %b %Y, %T %Z

$ date
sob, 23 lut 2019, 13:39:12 CET

Few minutes ago


I don’t have a hybrid install.
Date is shown correctly in live session.
This is just a testing install, so I can reinstall anytime. Only reporting things I notice, for it might be useful before the final release.


As soon as you install packages and repos from other non disco repositories it becomes an unsupported configuration.

Whilst i appreciate feedback … issues need to be highlighted in a standard recognised configuratio . Otherwise you are spending time testing and reporting stuff that no one else would normally encounter. For me, spending time trying to chase down stuff that are unreproducible means i cannot spend time on other priorities. Most unfortunate.

So a plea. Please do keep on reporting stuff but do so on a standard configuration. Do try to reproduce stuff and most importantly tell us step by step how to reproduce.



Hi @chdsl Thanks for the outputs. The applet is looking for the date strings "%a", "%e", "%b", in the order of your local date format. A few things occur to me: in your local string format, commas are used, and your format shows a %-d, which is an equivalent to %e (day of the month). I didn’t count on the occurrence of either one. I will include it in the code.
Thanks for that!


@chdsl yep, very usefull indeed, quite a few working equivalents, will all include them in the code. setting: %b %-b %_b %h %-h %_h gives:


Thanks once again.


Downloaded the daily few minutes ago,
Icons in Nemo at 50% (default size)

Installed Nemo 4.0.6 from Budgie backports and added libexempi3_2.4.1-1 deb package through dpkg -i and,

the size of the icons became bigger. Looks also nicer without that distance between them. Done this on a Live session. Just put Nemo out and opened back again.


Installed today’s UB on bare metal. Nemo icons are as in the post above.

Few suggestions,

  1. Icon task list, instead of Plank,
  2. Budgie menu button to be sized to match the other icons – too large, so out of place,
  3. Dark widgets style – the light style is somewhat dull.

Some problems,

  1. Panel > clock > Calendar doesn’t open the Calendar, but the text editor.
  2. Still the day and date is not available in my language, but available in English.

This Budgie icon looks much nicer with others.

The Places icon also should be somewhat bigger to match others.


Resized the distributor-logo-ubuntu-budgie icon by about 70% with Inkscape. How it looks below,

The icon now looks not out of place with the other app icons on the panel. Maybe, it would be better if the icon is resized to 60%.

Help test & fix 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie
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New topic created for helping to test & fix 19.04 Help test & fix 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie