19.10 Beta LibreOfffice Word

In a table, if I select cells then change the background colour, instead of filling the cells it highlights the text, as it would have done if I had selected the text rather than the cells.


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Maybe your cell has some margin, padding or border set ?

@Coeur-Noir Interesting thought, but no - this is an old table in a document I created years ago and have updated regularly since.
The only change is that I have just upgraded Ubuntu Budgie from 19.04 to 19.10 Beta.

Well, twas worth checking just in case :wink: So which version of LO do you use here ? Is your document still ok in an older version ? Of course it’s a native LO format ( odt or ods, not xls/xlsx nor doc/docx ) ?

@Coeur-Noir I just use whichever version comes with the OS, in this case (UB 19.10 Beta) it is

Build ID: 1:6.3.2-0ubuntu1

UB 19.04 release notes only say

Latest version of LibreOffice 6.2

so the LO version has changed from 6.2 to 6.3.

Yes, that’s the main purpose of each new version of *buntu : upgrading many programs.

Before reporting your problem towards LibreOffice bug tracker, try to open your file in a previous version of LibreOffice. This, to ensure it’s related to LO version. I still use a much older LO version ( 5.4 ) in case you’d want to send me your file.

And you did not answer to : Of course your file is a native LO format ( odt or ods, not xls/xlsx nor doc/docx ) ?

Then you could send all these information to the LO bug tracker.

@Coeur-Noir I wouldn’t want to install the previous version of LO as that would be llkely to cause confusion and muddy the waters.
I have chopped a relevant bit out of the file and saved it, but it is not permitted to attach this type of file to the post. I’ll let you have it if you suggest a method.

It is of course an odt file.

Creating the sample file has shown that there are other problems with this combination of OS and LO, “Save As” doesn’t work properly either.

Well that’s part of the game with beta and intermediate release : bugs occur :wink:

What is the problem with « save as » ?


I think that was just behaviour I’ve not seen before, so forget that.

Ah ok, I got it :wink:

You applied a background to text ( paragraph ) instead of to cell ( table )

↑ this image is meant to be an animation ( gif ) is it doesn’t « play », download it ( click to enlarge, download appears at the bottom of picture )

@Coeur-Noir I’m afraid I didn’t do anything like you suggest. I just did what I always do:

  • Put pointer in cell
  • Table>Select Cell
  • Click on paint-bucket symbol on top menu bar to fill cell.

What you describe applies background to text or paragraph ( paint bucket ).

Did you have a look at the gif image where I show how change background colour of a cell in a table ?

Right click in a cell,
Table Properties,
Background tab,
Choose colour.

Maybe at some point did you add some table tools into your tool bar to faster access the table properties ?

I did my test on a version 5 of LO, Ubuntu 16.04

I did watch your gif and I did try your method of changing a cell background - it worked and I could use this method until the problem is fixed - thanks.
I already have the paint-bucket on the Formatting toolbar - which is a one-click method. This is much quicker than your long-winded method.
Your version is neither my original nor my current version and your test used completely different menus/options to mine, so I don’t think it really tests the function. I will wait and see if this bug gets fixed, and if not I’ll make a bug report.

You have added
“Maybe at some point did you add some table tools into your tool bar to faster access the table properties ?” to your last post since I made my last, which is a bit confusing as it is in reply to my last post.

If I right-click in the cell LO usually but not always crashes. I give up!

The paint-bucket adds colour background to text or paragraph, that’s its expected feature.

Did you add some table tools to your main toolbar ? That can also be done.

I don’t think my LO is far away from default though. I took that old version just to check if the « problem » was related to version. It seems not.

I’ll try on a 6+

I get the same behaviour with LO Version: Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 :

on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04