24.04 Installer Window disappears midway through setup: a workaround

I understand the solution to this problem would be upstream of Ubuntu Budgie, but I’m writing here in case people check this forum about the problem.

Something that seems to have worked for a lot of people in the r/Ubuntu subreddit is to start the Ubuntu Budgie Live Session in safe graphics mode.

During a brief period of distro-indecision, I myself experienced this frustrating problem (sometimes several times during the same installation!), but can attest that starting the Live Session in safe graphics mode (from a Ventoy USB stick in my case) allowed me to do a fresh install without any problems.


Have you reported this to the ubuntu devs?


Thank you for the idea and the link. I have posted my findings on the most recent bug report about the 24.04 installer crashing.

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Oh! I should mention this because it seems to be more Ubuntu-Budgie-specific:

When the Live Session loads, there’s a notification about having to install a missing gtk theme (I imagine that would be the matching theme for snaps to use) – but if I click “OK” to allow that, it fails. Also, Budgie Welcome starts up a couple of minutes after the Installer Window does.

The above also happens if one starts the Live Session in safe-graphics mode, but I’m not sure whether it might be a coincidence that Budgie Welcome waited to appear until after I had reached the final step and started the installation.

So, in general I imagine there might be one or two race conditions involved in the problem of the disappearing Installer Window.