AMD Radeon 6700

I ended up buying an AMD Radeon RX 6700 graphics card the other night because it was pretty much the same price as the 6600XT or 6650XT that I was initially going to get. I saw that AMD has support for the 6600XT and 6650XT for Linux and I didn’t realize that it is only for some of their graphics cards that the cards are supported on Linux at least for the 6000 series. The 6700 is not shown to be supported by AMD on Linux I contacted AMD to see if it would work and they replied that the card is only supported on Windows, but that I could see if it would work though. Does anyone else have a 6700 or 6700XT in their system and does it work without problem or should I send it back after I get it and go for either the 6600XT or 6650XT like initially intended?

I’d do this:

  1. Search and ask in larger forums or channels.
  2. If you cannot find a definitive answer, Check well with your store rules and if ok, test the card. Rules might change from country to country. Where I live, i have 8 days to return anything I buy online, no questions asked. Obviously I need to keep the original box and accessories in good status in case I need to return the item.

The card is in my system now and when I put it in, the driver automatically detected and changed it in the about system. I also discovered that AMD had the driver support for every single card except for the 6700 level of the Navi 22 and said to them that while it showed that the OSes supported for my card showed that it was supported on Linux. I got a reply from them saying that there was an error on their part because there is actually driver support for Linux.


Even though the card does work without issue, the drivers provided by AMD are certified only on the LTS releases. Does anyone have experience here with the AMDGPU drivers directly from AMD outside of the LTS releases?

I have an AMD GPU on my desktop, and I only use the open source drivers. They are easy to install, well actually not much to do at all. They perform extremely well and updates come with the system.

AMDGPU-PRO drivers from AMD usually perform worse at least for gaming, are cumbersome to install and update, and as far as I know only work well on LTS. My information is dated, I have not looked back at AMDGPU-PRO in a long time.

AMD also said to me that their drivers are designed to work on the LTS releases as well. I used to use the integrated GPU on my 5700G before getting the 6700. The only thing that shows when looking in Synaptic is the, is that what you are referring to for the open-source drivers? After I installed the card, it showed in the about area with the displays that the card is the Navi 22 that is detected.

The opensource drivers are the out of the box stuff. You dont need to do anything because the graphics drivers are automatically recognised.

AMD now help produce those themselves. My understanding is that they work better than the drivers from the AMD website.


If you want to get details of your GPU without using the command line you can install “System Profiler and Benchmark” from software center. Or use CLI to install “hardinfo”.

You can also install advanced gaming tools to check and tweak your GPU. You can read about this on our blog post: A deep dive in our new Budgie Gaming Application | Ubuntu Budgie