Budgie + Wire - minor UI bug

I have been using Budgie for a couple weeks and I’ve only found one thing to dislike - the issues that arise running the Wire chat program.

When Wire, an Electron app, is running, its icon in the widgets at the upper right is roughly twice as tall and wide as the rest. This expands the bar at the top and when a window is full screen its controls are hidden under the bar.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix?

Thats a bug with Wire. It is probably implementing an appindicator but the icon it is using is a .png and is much bigger than the expected 22px that an appindicator is suppose to use.

File a bug report with the wire developers.

As to the workaround - if the icon is installed in /usr/share/icons/… somewhere then try resizing the icon to 22px