Can't pin certain applications to the dock

I have the standard budgie bottom panel in ‘dock mode’ however there are some applications that I can’t pin to it. The “Pin to panel” option simply doesn’t appear in the right click menu when it does for others.

The applications I can think of are PlayOnLinux, Cryptomator (installed via PPA), Atom (installed via Snap).

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Its not earth shatteringly important, just a bit annoying.


Taken from #817 from upstream

As a workaround (not as a fix to the bug), in all such cases
• install xprop
• open your app (a window has to be visible)
• run xprop in terminal and click the app’s window
• look in terminal for the line WM_CLASS(STRING) = . It should specify “Somename”
• rename the launcher accordingly ( Somename.desktop ) and save it in ~/local/share/applications
• run it and you should be able to pin it

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