Cloud sync all budgie-settings / backup & restore

I have raised the following GitHub issue:

Anyone interested in helping out here?

Several parts - so many people can dip in here.

  1. Shell scripting or maybe python to gather information
  2. Googling around and digging out similar projects and seeing what we can borrow
  3. knocking up a prototype GUI

Interesting approach here - bash script (licensed MIT) … step by step guide as well -although it does appear to be a more generic backup/restore rather than per settings approach that we are after. Good ideas though about tar-ball production, encrypting options etc.

Depending on how this is architected. If this is a “true” service (running the syncing mechanism, etc). There is a ton to consider. Security, high availability, fault tolerance, etc.

Or are you more so thinking about an app that more so dumps settings, and a user uses their own sync mechanism (ie dropbox, seafile, nextcloud, etc)?

How do you envision this?

the latter - simple gui - that will dump what’s needed into whatever cloud folder the user specifies.

The gui perhaps could be a tree view with checkboxes to allow what to sync.

It should be dynamic preferably - i.e. built from the file/files dragged from a public git repo - so the files contains the info of what to backup/restore and importantly how to backup / restore.

Ah ok. A GUI to interact with dconf. (for budgie settings). I might be able to take a crack at this.

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