context menu bug - it doesn't exist

Meyans have lost the menu in which you can select “on top of windows” and so on. Screenshot example:

I click here with the right mouse button and nothing happens, although a window appeared before

Same happening to me… no longer the option “on top of windows”…


You may have noticed in the linked github project that i have done some work here in a draft pull request. It needs more finessing but its certainly a way forward.

Folks - upstream are willing to merge the suggested changes I have made in this area.

Whilst it doesnt resolve every application - most applications will now display this right-click menu.

If you would like this in 22.04 and later I am happy to run through the SRU process with you (How do I get a bug related to budgie fixed in a stable release) - you can kick things off via

ubuntu-bug budgie-desktop