How do I get a bug related to budgie fixed in a stable release

How to get a fix into a release

This FAQ describes the process the budgie team uses to resolve an issue raised in a stable release of Ubuntu Budgie.

  1. Please ask/raise issues here on discourse. The budgie team will guide you how best to resolve an issue.

  2. Please do some research yourself. This is important. The first port of call is to check the very next release of Ubuntu Budgie to see if its fixed there - usually either the daily ISO or the next stable release . You usually don’t need to install an ISO - just write it to a USB stick and boot into the live session.

  3. When requested by a Ubuntu Budgie team member please raise the issue on the appropriate issue tracker. If you don’t do this the issue will NOT be resolved.

  4. If the issue is resolved in the next release it is possible that we can backport the fix to the stable release you are using. To do this you will be guided to file a bug report on launchpad using:

    ubuntu-bug packagename
  5. Again, if you don’t do this the bug will NOT be resolved

  6. The team will triage the bug and update the issue to follow the ubuntu guidelines for Stable Release Updates (SRU). You will receive emails from launchpad indicating changes and progress to your bug report.

  7. When an issue is marked as “In Progress”, your issue is being fixed in the appropriate software package and has been uploaded waiting for a Ubuntu Release Manager to verify that the fix is appropriate for a SRU and to approve it.

  8. At this point the package is uploaded and made available to the Proposed repository.

  9. The Release Manager will ask you to verify the fix. This is important - if you don’t successfully verify the fix, the software will NOT be released to the stable “Release” repository.

The TL;DR; fixes need your help - without it, an issue will not be resolved.