Crtl-Alt FSomething Doesn't Switch to Console Mode

When the upgrade to 18.04 is ready (I’m not getting it yet), I’d like to open a console (not a terminal, to be safe) to run the upgrade.

When I hit "Ctrl-Alt-FSomething (I usually use Ctrl-Alt-F1 or Ctrl-Alt-F6) the GUI becomes unresponsive, but the GUI is still visible, and I get get it back with Ctrl-Alt-F7.

I’m running 16.04, and two monitors, on a Thinkpad x230 with a Dock, and the video if from the dock, not from the Thinkpad.


  • JR

Ctrl alt f2 f3 f4 all work for me in 16.04. So not sure why you are having issues. Suggest reboot to the login screen but don’t log in. You should be able to switch to a try at that point.

I had this too post install, let’s have a quick check if it’s the same. If you press a few of the F buttons do you see media controls pop up or sound/brightness changes? If so, then the problem is the same and easy to fix.

Go to settings > devices > keyboard and clear the section of media controls.

Am using a default US105 keyboard with no build in media controls or added buttons and it was setup as US105-noDeadKeys. Think the settings auto applied this config out of confusion during install. So far the only distro that has this problem for the Bionic release.

hmm - not sure the best package to file a bug against. At a guess probably ubiquity i.e. the installer

ubuntu-bug ubiquity

Do this from a live session.

Not installed error, no update log found. When trying to install ubiquity it presents 780mb including KDE… which is the best advocate of the --no-install-recommends if I ever saw one :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, already did to much with this install to judge a “vanilla” experience. But since I found a number of small things and this one did happen to me but was easy to find/fix as it was a shortkey error. Once the overlap was gone, the normal TTY stuff came back without needing to set that up again.

I was thinking about doing a clean reinstall in some time and setup a recorder during initial run, enable a load of verbose and make a nice package for dev-team. But… Not this week though.

Thanks folks. I appreciate the efforts. I think the issue is similar, maybe the same as, this: