Customize budgie from scratch

Hello all,

I’m customizing my own Ububtu-Budgie from scratch, I mean creating a working dir and its subdirs, copying base iso and rsync-ing, …, finally chrooting and installing software I want. I was used to do it with Ubuntu and Mint and first ting I did was changing /etc/casper.conf setting my own username and my own hostname, then enabling “Flavour” line (setting it to "Custom) and finally giving an update-initramfs.

I’ve done this way right today, starting from ubuntu-budgie-18.04.1-desktop-i386.iso (first, next step will be redoing everything with 64 distro), but once new iso created and logged in, I find that user is ubuntu-budgie and hostname ubuntu-budgie too, as if my casper.conf new settings have been overrided.

Any idea?

Thanks and have a nice day,

We might be a little hard pressed to assist with this specific one as we have not done this process before, and do not change anything to interfere with the casper.conf. Have you come across any other posts (other forums) where this type of issue has been discussed on any *Ubuntu?

I hate to shuffle you, but you may want to approach this from a broader Ubuntu POV vs Budgie specific. (i.e. Ubuntu forums, etc)

Just a little stumped on this one.


thanks for your reply; I have been too hurried because it isn’t a “budgie-strictly-related” problem but it happens on “classical” ubuntu too: if ?d have tested it before, I wouldn’t have bothered on here … sorry.


Hi there, you have zero reason to say sorry. :slight_smile: I just wish I had a better answer for you.