Firefox flickers in fullscreen

See here:
It’s been happening for a while, and it’s starting to get annoying

Does it occur on any other app running fullscreen?

If not then it’s a specific firefox issue and should be reported on the Mozilla issue tracker. Highly likely to be a firefox-mutter interaction issue that needs to be resolved by the firefox team.

Do note… we dont do support via twitter. Difficult to bottom stuff out in 180 characters

Ah, i see; just wanted to try it out

I don’t use any other apps fullscreen except for a couple games (Minetest, Minecraft, SuperTuxKart), and they do not have this issue.

you might want to see if the option budgie-desktop-settings - windows - “disable unredirection of windows” has any effect for you - some GPU’s have issues with fullscreen apps (logout and login)

But like you said - other fullscreen apps don’t have issues - so this option might just make things worse

Sure thing! Trying now

Just enabled and logged out / logged in. Will let you know of the results

Great, it works as of yet. I’ll report this to the Mozilla maintainers if you want, however I’m going to leave this open until an hour or two so I’m sure it works

EDIT: This option very greatly improved performance in the games I play, whether fullscreen or not. Thanks so much!